Processing & Storage

Our product knowledge and broad product expertise enable us to thoroughly screen product and packaging on your behalf. We offer specialized processing technologies to re-clean and treat your product, removing any possible defects and non-conformities.

CO₂ Pressure
CO₂ pressure treatment is a special technique that entirely kills insects in all stages of life. It is a purely organic method in which we add no chemicals or toxins. The product enters the specially designed high-pressure chambers, which are suitable for 12-15 pallets. For the treatment, we bring the CO2 into the chamber up to a pressure of 30 bars. Pressure, as well as treatment time, are determined based on the product and its contamination.
With our Log-6 validated sterilizers, we treat a wide variety of products. Middenmeer is equipped to steam sterilize (and possibly roast) allergens like sesame or other seeds. Moerkapelle is dedicated to Allergen-Free steam sterilization (high pressure) for seeds, spices, herbs, rice, pulses, etc., treating powders and whole grains/products.
As de Vrij, we re-clean your product, using various techniques such as sieving, aspiration, gravity, X-ray, and color sorting, as well as washing, drying, and brushing. Our goal is to take out all possible defects and non-conformities, delivering food-safe products within specification.
The majority of ingredients in the business arrive floor-loaded. Depending on processing needs or possible destinations, we can palletize your goods on storage- or commercial pallets. To avoid re-palletizing or de-stacking before dispatch, the stacking pattern, as well as the number of layers, is decided in close coordination with you.
And by stating that we mean to say that we are a 100% service-provider, who covers the whole trajectory, from taking your containers out of the harbor, storing your goods and eventually process those, up to delivery to your customers.
Value Added Logistics
We offer numerous packing possibilities for your products. We repack, rebag, load bulk into crates, and unload bulk into silage trucks. All packaging material is food grade and manufactured by ISO and BRC-certified producers.
We have multiple locations with ambient and cooled warehouses, specifically suitable for Herbs and Spices as well as odorless products.
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We are a 100% service provider, covering all services from port to plate. We are open to discuss any specific wishes you might have regarding transport, documentation, or custom formalities.

Customs services
For many years we have been working together with our partner Van der Linde. Together, we help you with all your issues and possible questions. Looking at the future, we will service all custom-related activities with P. de Vrij Customs Services.
Quality Control
As your supply chain partner, food safety is our highest priority. We are certified by various certification body’s which allow us to process, pack, import, and store your (organic) products. We transport your goods from our warehouses to your customer. Cooperating with specific partners, we can offer competitive rates. Anytime. Anywhere.
In our proven flexible inbound service, we work with reliable partners. We can unload your container and drive it directly to our warehouse. At which the products are stored, awaiting your further requirements. We have complete control of our inbound; collection, discharge, and return.


We combine strengths with carefully picked businesses to provide competitive rates with good conditions, servicing a large number of customers. By combining, we create orders with an economy of scale, which need transport across Europe or even worldwide.

We can provide standard documents, such as CMR and export documents. In the case of ocean freight, we support you with certificates of origin, bills of loading, and many more.
We transport your goods from our warehouses to your customer. Cooperating with specific partners, we can offer competitive rates. Anytime. Anywhere.
Sea Freight
With our partner Neele-Vat, a worldwide player, we take care of your ocean freight transport. Whether you import from China or export to America, we coordinate your shipments from the center of the port of Rotterdam.